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A solitary child, Leonardo’s only intimate is Lisa Gherardini, the girl who spies on him in his workshop. Spurned by his tutor, he is sent by his despairing father to Florence as an apprentice. But success requires sacrifice and conformity, and Leonardo’s gift is more of a heresy than a vision. Forced to leave Florence, he places himself at the mercy of the power-thirsty Duke of Milan…

From the glittering court of the Medici to the mortuaries of Milan, Gioconda vividly imagines Leonardo’s lonely struggle to convince others of his vision of the world.

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The Sultan, The Vampyr and The Soothsayer

When Vlad Dracula is taken hostage with his brother by the Ottoman Sultan and his guards, even the palace soothsayer, the shrewd teller of fortunes, is unprepared for what he learns…

An epic tale of two fathers and their sons; a compelling story of prophecy and intrigue at the fifteenth century palace of the Ottomans and a fictional exploration of the myth of the vampire. 

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